Recharge by cash

Contractual and non-contractual subscribers - individuals can pay for mobile communication ltd "TriMob" cash. 

You can deposit funds to the entire territory of Ukraine with the help of self-service machines. Payment will be made on the personal account or phone number of the called party in the on-line and comes in a few minutes. Replenishment amount can be any multiple not fixed and fold 1 UAH. 

  • IBOX (accepting payments through payment terminals); 
  • LLC "Financial Company" Contract House "(receiving payments through payment terminals EasyPay); 
  • Ltd. "FK "Fenix" (receiving payments through payment terminals City-24); 
  • PJSC "First Investment Bank" (receiving payments through payment terminals PIN-Bank); 
  • LLC "Financial Company" System "(receiving payments through payment terminals); 
  • Ltd. "E-Pay" (receiving payments through the payment system E-Pay); 
  • "Global Money" (receiving payments through payment systems GlobalMoney). 

And also in the offices of banks (excluding commissions) contract number or the phone number in the mode of on-line, payment arrives a few minutes later: 

PJSC CB "Privat"; 
PJSC "Credit Dnepr Bank"; 
PJSC "Bank Familniy" 

Please note that to pay for the service, you can at the offices of any other banks, but on the terms of payment of the fee, according to the bank's fees. In this case, the payment order is necessary to fill all the details: the bank account of OOO "TriMob", name of company or party, personal account number, mobile phone number. 

Pay for mobile services  communication, you can in PJSC "First Ukrainian International Bank" (abbreviated "FUIB"): MFO: 334851, PJSC "FUIB" p / s: IBAN UA973348510000000000260052663 or in PJSC CB "Privatbank": MFO: 300711, PSC CB "Privatbank" p / s: IBAN UA70 305299 00000 26001026220338.

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