Christmas Unlim

Dear subscribers!
The TriMob team congratulates you on the upcoming holidays!
Specially for creating a wonderful New Year's mood, we have prepared for you a rally:

1. For contract subscribers

You only need to pay a bill for the previous period or conclude the Contract in December and until January 13, 2018 (inclusive) you will receive unlimited access to the Internet.

2. For non-contract subscribers

You need to deposit funds into your account in the amount of 100 (or more) UAH from the 19.12.2017 to 13.01.2018, and already on December 25, 2017 you will receive unlimited access to the Internet until January 13, 2018 inclusive.

Bonus traffic can be used in the network of LLC "TriMob" and national roaming partner.


Bonus traffic is not charged if the subscriber is using Unlimited 64, Unrestricted 128, Unlimited 256, Navigator 12, Navigator 13, Navigator 15, Business Internet XL, Internet Premium "," Mobile 256 "," Mobile Unlimited "," Internet Unlimited "(PoP)," Telemetry S "," Telemetry M "and" Telemetry L ", as well as if the Participant takes part in other actions of LLC" Trimob ", in the period from 25.12.2017 to 13.01.2018.

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