Non-contract tariff plans

Dear subscribers!
We inform you that since 01.01.2020 "TriMob" LLC makes changes to tariffs (tariff plans) "Internet S" (PrP), "Internet M" (PrP), "Internet L" (PrP), "Internet Bezlim" (PrP) ), Smart (PrP), "green" (PrP), "Mobile Start" (PrP), "Mobile Easy" (PrP), "Mobile Standard" (PrP), "Annual" and "Annual +" for non-contractors subscribers of the network of mobile (mobile) communication of LLC "TriMob".
The specified tariff plans:
1) the cost of calls to fixed line subscribers 'numbers or to other mobile (mobile) network subscribers' numbers increases.
2) the cost of short text messages (SMS) increases
3) the cost of offline access / data transmission increases
4) The provision of packet text messages (SMS) is canceled.

The Annual and Annual + plans will make the following changes:
1) the services included in the subscription fee change (the provision of SMS within the service package is stopped)
2) the cost of a minute of calls to the numbers of Ukrainian mobile operators or to the fixed-line numbers of Ukraine changes
3) the logic of accrual and use of SMS-messages changes: after sending the first message to the subscriber, there are 14 more messages that will be valid until the end of the current day. The charge for the entire message package (15 messages) is charged immediately.
4) the cost of Internet access / data transmission outside the service package changes.

Activated tariff plans "Annual" and "Annual +" until 01.01.2020 will be able to take advantage of the new terms of the tariff plans after the completion of current charges.
You can learn more about the changes in the Annual and Annual + tariff plans here.

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