Strengthening Fraud Prevention Measures

In connection with the proliferation of the use of telecommunication network resources and telecommunication facilities for malicious purposes, including by distributing spam, TriMob LLC has introduced enhanced measures aimed at preventing fraud using end-user equipment. In order to commit fraudulent activities, they mainly use telecommunication services anonymously, without concluding an agreement in writing. If you are our subscriber and actively use the SMS sending service, we remind you that even if you receive services impersonally, you can register in a convenient way for you in accordance with the Procedure for registering subscribers who receive telecommunication services without concluding a written agreement approved by a decision NKRSI No. 607 of 11/28/2017.
Please note that banks, legal entities and any government agencies send SMS using the alpha-numeric number, which contains the name of the sender. So in the case of receiving SMS from a number that does not have signs of an alphanumeric number, especially if you are prompted to take any actions in terms of the content of such SMS, we urge you to behave carefully and reasonably.

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