TriMob has expanded the list of free services

TriMob supports the initiatives of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, the Ministry of Infrastructure, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other government organizations to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and expands the list of resources with information for citizens that are available to the operator’s subscribers for free.

Starting today, the operator’s subscribers have access to a number of web resources for free information and necessary advice:

•  website Coronavirus in Ukraine:
•  website of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:
•  website of the Center for Public Health of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:
•  website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine:

Also, TriMob provided its subscribers with free calls to current telephone numbers. From the operator’s and national partner’s network, you can call these numbers for free, even with a zero account balance:
• 1545 - government contact center
• 1677 - National Health Service of Ukraine
• 044 2381888 - Foreign Ministry Hotline
• 044 4254354 - public health center of Ukraine

In addition, we remind you that there are free calls to the number 0800 505 201 - the MZ hotline, and from the beginning of March TriMob subscribers have unlimited free access to the Action application, the functionality of which will soon be expanded.

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