Дій вдома

Today it is very important to comply with quarantine requirements and stay at home. This is necessary to slow the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. TriMob supports initiatives to combat and suppress the spread of the disease, so we provided free access to certain information resources for citizens (subject to a positive balance) and free calls (even if account 0) to current phone numbers.

Also this week, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine will present the mobile application Дій вдома, designed to verify compliance with self-isolation by persons who have confirmed COVID-19 and those who may be a potential source of infection. We have already provided free access for our subscribers to this application (for contract subscribers, of course, and for subscribers of a prepaid type of access - if there is at least 1 kopeck on the balance sheet). We wish you not to take this opportunity!
So #stayhome!

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