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Dear Customers and Visitors of the Web Resource!

Limited Liability Company "Trimob" regards with respect the confidential information of any person who has become a visitor to this Web site.

In the following sections below, we will inform you in detail about our Privacy Policy, namely how “TriMob” LLC processes your personal data when you use our services, such as mobile communications, the Internet and other services, and when you visit our website

Freedom of Choice

“Trimob" LLC is obliged to keep you always informed about special offers and actions that may interest you. However, if you do not want to receive messages from us, you can easily contact us any time using one of many communication channels (e-mail, web resource, contact center: at 1188 (free of charge from TriMob LLC mobile network)  or 0 800 50 1188 (free of charge within Ukraine), and we will make changes as soon as possible according to your decision.

If your personal information has been changed (e.g. postal code, postal address, email address, contact number), please update your personal information in the Personal Cabinet.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

If you want to use our services, you may be asked to enter your personal data with your consent, such as your name, address, login, email address, phone number, mobile phone number. We may also request for other data that we need to provide services in the manner prescribed by law.

Personal data - Information or aggregate information about an individual by which he is identified or can be specifically identified.

Personal data can be obtained through different channels: verbally at the sales and service centers of PJSC "Ukrtelecom", which serve the subscribers of "TriMob" LLC, by telephone, in writing through the order forms, as well as in electronic forms on the Web site or through SMS.

In addition, we collect data about the use of our services and traffic to visit websites or connections that go through our network. The details may include connection information, traffic, fixed and mobile numbers, as well as date, time, call duration, or Internet connection.

The personal data you provide are processed and stored in the Database of Subscribers (BPD) of the "TriMob” LLC (BPD Owner: "TriMob” LLC, BPD Location: Tarasa Shevchenko Blvd, 18, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01133 , contact number: 1188 (free of charge from TriMob LLC mobile network) or 0 800 50 1188 (free of charge within Ukraine)).

Your personal data are used to ensure the implementation of the legal relationship in accordance with the agreement between you and "TriMob" LLC on the provision of mobile (communication) services, tax relations, relations in the field of accounting in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data",  The Civil Code of Ukraine, the Tax Code of Ukraine, the Charter of "TriMob" LLC.

For security, when you visit our Websites, the Web server temporarily registers the domain name or IP address of the computer from which the request was received, as well as the access date, file (file name and URL), code HTTP Response, Web site from which you received the link and the number of bytes transmitted during the session.

By completing the registration form, the subject of personal data agrees to the processing of his personal data using the automation facilities and / or without such LLC "TriMob" independently and / or the manager of the personal data base on behalf of OOO "TriMob", and agrees that LLC "TriMob" can transfer his personal data to third parties in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data".

Information on the General Data Protection Regulation

"TriMob" LLC when providing telecommunication services meets all requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine on the processing of personal data.

In addition, understanding the importance of timely awareness of personal data processing and taking into account integration processes in order to bring national standards closer to conditions that are acceptable in the countries of European Union; we would like to inform you on the following.

On May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force as the main document regulating a set of issues regarding the broader definition of "personal data" and their free circulation within the European Union. The GDPR aims to ensure the full protection of human rights while protecting their personal data.

The GDPR provides improved tools for monitoring your own personal data and information.

If you are interested in the GDPR, you can read the document following the link EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Special remarks concerning children

Persons under the age of 18 years are not entitled to use any services on our Website.

“TriMob” LLC advises all parents and guardians to explain to their children that personal data must be posted on the Internet with responsibility. “TriMob” LLC will never deliberately collect data from minors, use them or disclose them to a third party without your permission.

Interaction of the Web-resource of "Trimob" LLC

Our Website may contain links to websites that are not managed by “Trimob” LLC. Such links are for informational purposes only. When using such Websites, we advise you to read carefully their privacy policy.

Privacy of Telecommunications

Information on traffic passing through our mobile network, emails, SMS and your online activity on other sites is protected by law. This means that “TriMob” LLC and its employees can not violate privacy of telecommunications that is regulated by the relevant internal orders and instructions.

Phone calls to our contact center at 1188 (free of charge from TriMob mobile) or 0 800 50 1188 (free within Ukraine) can be recorded in order to improve the quality of services provided by "TriMob" LLC, and as evidence in case of a dispute concerning agreement


Our Privacy Policy may be subject to periodic changes. We will not restrict your rights, mentioned in this Privacy Policy, without your explicit consent. Any changes to the Privacy Policy will be reported on this page, and in the event of significant changes, you will be informed some other way (including sending a notice of changes to the Privacy Policy by email - for individual services). Therefore, we recommend that you refer to this Privacy Policy on a regular basis.

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